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A Tale About This Person

Once upon a time, this person came to your life. He/she enlightened your days, challenged your thoughts and shared the same jokes as yours. Sometimes this person was quirk and awkward, but turned to be so warm and wise on the other time. Unlike the other persons you had met before, this person did not build a great expectation only…

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Time Machine

Then you lay your body down, eyes looking up, your fingers pointing to the sky. “You’re pointing to a star?” I asked. “No, that’s a planet. Stars shine, planets don’t,” you replied.

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poem_a birthday poem about a woman i know_featured image

A Birthday Poem: About A Woman I Know

A birthday poem for a good friend of mine: “She will take you out from the fake city lights to places where sun looks bigger than apartments and malls. Men, you can’t drag her down, because she is stronger than your bones.”

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His Secret Talk

I love your energy it bursts whenever you’re talking about the last book you read or when you sip your cold black coffee while writing your poem A poem without rhyme, yet remains beautiful “You’re a great poet,” there I told you. “I’m not,” you replied. “I am a lost soul. A noise that resonates in silence. I am the…

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