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poem_you think you're fine_featured image

[You Think] You’re Fine

But you’re not completely fine. You’re still wounded. Torn apart. You’re hopelessly desperate about the dream you haven’t pursued; the words you left unspoken; about an apology you never say; and the past love that hurts your heart and bones. With all of these things, you learn to accept the pain and mend the broken pieces. You embrace your fragility…

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poem_being nobody and having nothing_featured image

Being Nobody And Having Nothing

One day, you’ll wake up in the morning and feel the peaceful silence. You will cherish the moment of being nobody and having nothing. That morning you’ll think about nothing. And nothing, nothing matters in the world. All of your possessions, fame, thoughts, and all the worldly wealth will mean nothing. They all vanish by the time you see the…

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poem_on an almost relationship_featured image

On An Almost-Relationship

After years went by, I finally had that day when you knocked the door and opened up my heart, tearing down my arrogance.  You undressed my soul. I was naked as the walls I had built around me destroyed in a minute you came in. With all you imperfections and dark sides, you came to my rescue, making me believe…

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poem_i am dating ur mind 2_featured image

I Am Dating Your Mind

I’m dating your mind, for it is the only place I can see the beauty of a man and the true color of life.   P.S: Originally handwritten on August 12th, 2014 at MMC Hospital Jakarta, Room 503.

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thought_write again_featured image

Write Again

Having no idea will never stop a writer to write. Because, having no idea is actually an idea to write. And that no pain will ever stop a writer to write. Because the writing itself heals the pain.

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