[You Think] You’re Fine

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But you’re not completely fine.

You’re still wounded. Torn apart. You’re hopelessly desperate about the dream you haven’t pursued; the words you left unspoken; about an apology you never say; and the past love that hurts your heart and bones.

With all of these things, you learn to accept the pain and mend the broken pieces. You embrace your fragility and sadness. And you keep making yourself believe that you are not waiting in vain. You are fighting against your stubborn ego and thoughts, because you have learned enough that sometimes life doesn’t always go on your way.

You think you’re fine, but no, you’re not.

Because you know that your mind plays that trick all the time. A prophecy. Your mind tells ‘it’s okay’ and you consciously let it dictates yourself. For one good reason: letting go.

In another day, at the right time, you will find peace and true happiness for all of the bitterness and sorrow.

You will know that dwelling in yesterday’s misery would not do any good for tomorrows.

All of the pain in your head and the pressures on your chest will vanish, faded by the color of future hope. All of the tears rolling down you pale cheeks will be wiped away. Maybe, somewhere along the way, someone will do that, or something, or your own hands.

But, no, not today. Because the pain still lingers and you still think you’re fine—in fact, you’re not.


My friends at H;DUP has visualized this poem into a stunning video. Check out the video:


  • mjayzland September 28, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    Painful to read… speaks truth hard to bare..,Thanks for sharing this reflection Septa.. lovelly.

    • Septa Mellina September 28, 2015 at 11:10 pm

      Hello MJ! Really glad you read my post.. Thanks so much for your comment. Truth hurts indeed, but that’s how people always learn, right?


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