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Don’t Date A Poet


don’t date a poet

because she knows how to use punctuation;

when to stop when you’re babbling,

and when to shoot you with kisses


Don’t date a poet

she has abundant vocabulary, Son.

She understands how to pamper your ego,

to envelop your insecurity with her stories,

and to question your false argument with thousand facts.


A poet will fix a black hole

in your life

she will read you out poems of King Salomon at night,

until you fall asleep

like a little new-born baby.


Don’t date a poet, Son!

because when the feeling is gone

and love no longer binds your soul

a poet will always give you closure

she will wave you goodbye

with every last word,

and every breath it takes

to write one rhyming verse.


To a poet,

words left unspoken, untold goodbye

will leave nothing but guilt,

as guilty as finishing the last chapter in her mind

without having a gut to write it onto a paper.

It is as tragic as leaving a blank page of a manuscript,

when a woman asks her man, “Do you love me?”


Don’t date a poet, Son!

because she will fully respect your existence

until you forget your scars and unworthiness

and that’s when your addiction toward her begin.


Wordsmith’s note:

This poem was originally written on 27 August, 2016. It was inspired by a poet I had met at Jakarta’s poetry reading event called Unmasked on rainy Valentine’s afternoon early that year. I had no idea who she really was, but I thank to her for such a great work.

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