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He Sounds Like A Soft-Spoken Poem

You know what?

He is a poem

and I love his every verse;

his every rhyme.


He sounds like a soft-spoken poem

to my longing heart.

He is the alphabets to the empty pages

of my wondering soul.


He is no better than Proverbs and Psalms

but… he gives meaning to the life

that was once under the shadow.


And that’s enough to calm the storm

within the anxious mind

because his presence

tastes like a cup of your favorite hot chocolate,

and feels warm like your old gray hoodie

on a first week of rainy October


Wordsmith’s note:

The first four verses were originally written on 13 September, 2016. Then I added more verses on 16 January, 2017. Yes, sometimes you need a pause to walk farther.  

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