Here’s To The Broken-Hearted Survivor

In your late 20s, your heart probably has been broken for couple of times. You might have got through the depressive process. Those tears and wounds have made you numb that you might forget how many times you had stumbled and mended the broken pieces. The repeated breaking up with different guys has made you worn to frazzle.

But, isn’t it funny that no matter how much you hurt and how often it cuts you like a knife, you are still crying your heart out? As if it was the first time you let someone go, or the first time you feel like there’s no tomorrow.

But, again, isn’t it funny that no matter how much you hurt, how often it cuts you like a knife,  and how much tears rolling down your face, you still manage to survive—and you made it!

After a while, you’ll get used to being single. You adapted yourself to the situations when his name no longer pops up when the phone rings. Or, you’ll get used to go anywhere by yourself without having him to drive you around the city. Or, you begin to feel okay to tell your friends that the relationship is through without having the pain in your chest explodes.

The scars and sad love songs will no longer have power over you or your mood.  You can dance to the last Stevie Wonder’s song you paused in your iPod. You can finally manage to read Eleven Minutes that makes your heart grows stronger. You spend the night with the girls, binge eating while re-watching your favorite Sex & The City and end the night by saying, “Life isn’t so bad.”

Above all, you’ll realize that letting go isn’t as difficult or frightening as you might think. Look back, and see how far you’ve managed to move on from your past relationships. And, eventually, you’ll fall in love again, or get your heart broken again. Maybe for once or twice or several times. But all these scars and smiles are the worth-sharing stories for your kids: that, in life, you are either going to fall in love or fall out of love, and there’s no wrong with such cycle.


*This piece is also re-posted on US-based online magazine called Soul Anatomy, with minor edits. Read Soul Anatomy’s version here. 

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