The Hearts on Screen

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We love the hearts on screen.

They make us feel better about the wrinkles underneath our 24-hour full coverage foundation. They make us feel loved when we hate ourselves. They accept us: our flaws and imperfection behind #iwokeuplikethis.

They love our journey to countries we never visit. They love it when we speak a foreign language. They love our breakfast: salad and apple, replacing our favorite bacon and egg. They love our face with a little bit of filter and enticing background.

They love us when sharing our personal, deepest parts. Soon they give us their best sympathy in the comment. Otherwise, they talk about our misery in a small room called DM.

They love our no-makeup makeup selfie, our outfits that best expose our thigh and cleavage, our cute glittery artificial nails. They love everything superficial: smile on candid camera, smile on count 1 to 3, smile when hanging out with friends, smile for a beautiful giant birthday bouquet, smile at high school reunion.

They love such a life of ours. And we love the hearts on screen.

But never, never ever share our accomplishment and work. Because some hearts are envious. Some hearts do not like our achievement–it makes them feel less than good.

But, worry not, some hearts love our achievement. They say: you’re truly an inspiration #GOAL ! Soon they try to follow our success life, mimicking every single bit of our step. They imitate the way we pronounce our words, how we type a love letter, and the filter we love to put on our face.

And so we continue our life on screen. We choose the best part of ours, throwing away the bad ones. We’re neglecting the idea that those goods and bads are the things that make us whole, make us humane.

We love the hearts on screen. We love being loved, no matter how superficial it is.

The hearts on screen look beautiful and shiny. They seem to hold secret happiness we haven’t had yet. They keep rainbows and tiny dandelions inside them. Their curve is as magical as the wave we once enjoyed. Their redness, as red as our blood, make us blush.

But, honey, the hearts on the screen aren’t real. And they shouldn’t make us feel better about ourselves.

They do not have feelings, compassion, and empathy.

They are just a mere algorithm.

Photo by Mix Miki

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