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His Secret Talk

I love your energy it bursts whenever you’re talking about the last book you read or when you sip your cold black coffee while writing your poem A poem without rhyme, yet remains beautiful “You’re a great poet,” there I told you. “I’m not,” you replied. “I am a lost soul. A noise that resonates in silence. I am the…

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Let’s ramble. Just ramble. Over a cup of tea and bring me closer to your fantasy tell me bedtime story or the glimmering lights in the city you know, this is my plea.

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Sekali waktu, ketika rindunya memuncak, ia memutar ingatannya semasa umur delapan atau sembilan. Duduk berdampingan di kursi plastik. Diam. Khidmat menonton siaran televisi. Atau lelap dalam peluknya sembari  lamat-lamat mendengar perempuan itu mendendangkan Walk Away dengan kemampuan bahasa yang terbatas. Di saat-saat itu, ia ingin kembali ke sana. Masuk ke dalam rahimnya agar selalu bersama. Tak terlepas meski lewat sembilan…

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On An Almost-Relationship

After years went by, I finally had that day when you knocked the door and opened up my heart, tearing down my arrogance.  You undressed my soul. I was naked as the walls I had built around me destroyed in a minute you came in. With all you imperfections and dark sides, you came to my rescue, making me believe…

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I Am Dating Your Mind

I’m dating your mind, for it is the only place I can see the beauty of a man and the true color of life.   P.S: Originally handwritten on August 12th, 2014 at MMC Hospital Jakarta, Room 503.

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