She Told This To Her Conscience

I’m listening to silence that whispers how she misses you a lot. This tic-tac sound of her clock has become her best friend while waiting you to come home. She misses the way you pinched her arm. She misses the natural fragrance of your body. She misses your nose that wrestled on her cheek.

If you find that she often laughs when you throw romantic words, please don’t get mad. She only doesn’t know how to respond. Deep down inside, you have successfully melted her stubborn heart. If there are cheesy jokes she has ever told, please don’t yell at her. She only wants to make you smile, even for a second.

Do you know that your arms are the best pillow she could ever dream of? Do you know that her lips always say your name in every single prayer?

She has waited you for years. If she was happy, then you were one of the reasons why. Now that she’s fighting through her days without you, it is simply because she wants to ease all the pains away.

I’m listening to silence that whispers how she misses you a lot.

Would you please color her days with red, yellow, green, and orange? Would you please stop coloring them with blue?

She loves you, without one single desire to give up the relationship or to look for another man.

But her pity, you don’t have idea how much she loves you.



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