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About My Middle Name

I was born in September. My parents gave me the middle name “Septa” and to call me by that name as well. Back in the 80s, it was quite common in Indonesia to name children after their birth month. Today, not so much.

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Kembali Menulis

Menulis memberikan ruang untuk pikiran dan ketakutan. Mungkin membiarkan mereka bergerak sejenak lebih baik daripada mengurung dan membunuhnya diam-diam. Karena pikiran dan ketakutan adalah bagian diri. Ia butuh didengar dan didekap.

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septamellina - a tale about this person - featured

A Tale About This Person

Once upon a time, this person came to your life. He/she enlightened your days, challenged your thoughts and shared the same jokes as yours. Sometimes this person was quirk and awkward, but turned to be so warm and wise on the other time. Unlike the other persons you had met before, this person did not build a great expectation only…

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Today, She Listens To Her Favorite Song

They say, when you fall in love, you listen to the music. But when you’re broken and in despair, you understand the lyric. Today, she feels his presence. She listens to the music and tastes the lyric. She remembers his warm lips, and his voice, and his arms enveloped her body. Today, she listens to her favorite song for her mind filled with…

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poem_being nobody and having nothing_featured image

Being Nobody And Having Nothing

One day, you’ll wake up in the morning and feel the peaceful silence. You will cherish the moment of being nobody and having nothing. That morning you’ll think about nothing. And nothing, nothing matters in the world. All of your possessions, fame, thoughts, and all the worldly wealth will mean nothing. They all vanish by the time you see the…

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