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Write Again

It has been said that morning is a new beginning. It may define how good or bad the remaining hours you have that day.

Today is my 9th morning this October; I woke up and did something different. After drinking a water from my Starbuck tumbler and watering the small garden, I sat down across the window in the living room with the laptop on my lap. I am typing something. It is not about work. Or the poems. Or the feature articles. Or the short stories. I am just letting my random thought and feeling lead my fingers.

I let the urge of writing controlled me. I know it was because of my last post on WordPress was in August 2013. I feel so guilty. It was not about the traffic or hits. You may not believe this, but the truth is, after a year not blogging, I feel like there’s something lost. I do not know if it really waved me goodbye or it was just me who left it behind. All that I know is that the guilt haunts me whenever I signed in to WordPress and no new things appeared.

I could not recall the reason why I stopped writing ever since. The ideas were running in my head. Yet, I let them run out. I did not blog anything to indulge my mind. Am I in the mood for blogging? I don’t know. But I feel something big encouraged me to write anything.

I ignored the pain in my right shoulder I have been suffering since the night before. I manage my body to be a little more cooperative. I just do not want to ruin my writing moment with such pain.

This morning, while Me Sobrabas Tú by Banda de Los Recorditos played on iTunes, I came to realized that it was just about writing.

Having no idea will never stop a writer to write. Because, having no idea is actually an idea to write. And that no pain will ever stop a writer to write. Because the writing itself heals the pain.

Writing does not need a reason, for it is the reason. The urgency to write comes from ourselves. We encourage ourselves to chase and take it back for we don’t want to lose it ever. In other words, writing is an expression of love.

After a year, I unpaused the blogging vacuum button, hoping that this may be a good start for the remaining writing journey I have. My mind has made up a ‘things-to-write’ list and it welcomes any idea coming from you.

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