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Little Things I Hate About You And How You Make Me Feel [ A Letter to A Man I Haven’t Met]

I hate how you don’t consider the font size when you post your blog. You love Arial and Calibri and that is not cool. Try Georgia or Garamond and see how they give soul to your writing.

I hate when you drink coffee because my doctor forbids me to drink it. I feel awful and less fortunate for not having a chance to sip it. I hate how you cuddle with your puppy more than with me. Who am I? A dead wall or something?

And what’s so special with jazz? I hate when you refuse to listen to my playlist. I am hoping that you would understand that The Script has compelling lyrics and deep meaningful stories behind their songs. Stop requesting me to wear red lipstick–just shut up and bite my lips instead.

I hate when you hug me and embrace my fragility, because by doing so, I’ll be more attached to you.

Don’t wear your glasses, you ugly nerd! I mean, I can’t see the beauty of your ebony eyes. And, oh, stop smiling. I’m falling into pieces and I hate it.

Despite it all, just sit down with me. Relax. And feel the feeling we haven’t shared before.

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