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An Introvert Who Talks A Lot And Still An Introvert

I am an extrovert.

I laugh loudly. I mock people. I make a fun of my stupidity and stubborn non-sense. I talk much about works, dreams, celebrity gossips, crushes, men, silly quotes on Tumblr, and heart breaks. I talk a lot and I can spend, at least, 4 hours sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a one-on-one conversation.

I talk about the superficial things in life. About why Celebrity A dumped his gorgeous girlfriend despite their togetherness for years. About the elegant yet pricey shoes I found at Centro. About my boyfriend’s perfume. About a black-shirt cool guy I met in the train station. About two or three memorable episodes on How I Met Your Mother. And it is going to be a very long stupid-things-to-talk list.

On the other hand, I can talk about deep and philosophical things. About life. About loving yourself. About giving a meaning to every step we take. About being fulfilled. About God and His unpredictable plans. About mending the broken pieces. About the communication industry in the homeland.

I am not a Miss Know It All. I am just talkative (and not stupid).

And being talkative equals to extrovert. I thought I was right. But I am not.

I met a good friend in our favorite small coffee shop in Kemang. She told me that I am an introvert. It shocked me. How come?

“I talked about my past. My ex-boyfriends. My thoughts. I’m not introvert,” I denied, thinking that being an introvert is sort of like having a sin.

“You do. But you never tell your friends about your problems and anxieties. You may have trust issue. I don’t know. It is very OK though because you don’t let the world know your life. But I believe you need to tell some of your friends about your problems. Don’t blast it, but do share it,” she said.

I smiled, exhaling. That night, the stupid conversation turned into a deep one.

There I know that being a talkative doesn’t necessary mean that you share all of your stuffs to people.

You just know what to tell to whom. You’re just being selective when it comes to personal stories. It is not because you don’t trust people, but because you understand that people may come and go and your stories may be shared to others. Because you do understand that you yourself is the best ‘recycle bin’ for your own stories. You know well how to find the solution. You believe in your thoughts, intuition, and late-night sharing session with God.

I wonder if I am the only one who has this. Please do share your thoughts of or if you walk the same shoes.

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