A Tale About This Person

Once upon a time, this person came to your life.

He/she enlightened your days, challenged your thoughts and shared the same jokes as yours. Sometimes this person was quirk and awkward, but turned to be so warm and wise on the other time. Unlike the other persons you had met before, this person did not build a great expectation only to let it all come crashing down.

And suddenly, his/her smile mattered to you. A lot. His/her sadness is yours and you find peace seeing him/her happy. Then, out of the blue, you constantly listened to Can’t Smile Without You as it perfectly reflected your feeling to this person. You listened to it and you smiled and you reminisced how he/she put a smile to your lips—everyday. You forgot the last song that had been played when you were there, sobbing and mending the broken pieces. This person reminded you that there is no such permanent sadness.

This person made you write. Made you happy. Brought peace to your days. This person inspired you.

And you felt like exercising and consuming healthy food was not an obligation, but rather an expression of self-compassion. This person made everything lighter, brighter. And you knew you love it.

Until you realized you felt something unusual. Something that’s so profound. Special. It made you feel better and calmer. It made you think as a grown up. It brought out the best in you and it helped you grow.

You’re no longer tortured by the sleepless nights because you don’t want to miss every dream where he/she might appear and kiss your eyes. Gently. As the morning light beamed you up through the window glass, you found the new you. You felt better. You loved better and you were loved.

There you knew that you fell in love. Not the kind of love that had ever existed before. This love was honest and peaceful and lively and helped you find yourself. This was love that embraced your flaws and pursued you. A love that never demands or obsessed to one another.

This was love from the first time you met him/her and you told to yourself, “I have been longing for this person. Here, I finally found you.”


*This piece is also re-posted on Indonesian web, Kamantara. The editor translated the article to Bahasa Indonesia. Read Kamantara’s version here.


  • Pita October 7, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Aku stalk blog kamuu gak apa2 khhaan, berbunga2 bacanya Seept maklum kelamaan jomblo

    • Septa Mellina October 7, 2015 at 2:20 pm

      Pitaaa, makasih udah blogwalking. Hihihi.. seneng bisa berbagi bunga-bunga. Next post semoga makin berbunga2 sampe dikerumunin kupu2 ya, pit :*


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