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A Tale About This Person

Once upon a time, this person came to your life. He/she enlightened your days, challenged your thoughts and shared the same jokes as yours. Sometimes this person was quirk and awkward, but turned to be so warm and wise on the other time. Unlike the other persons you had met before, this person did not build a great expectation only…

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Time Machine

Then you lay your body down, eyes looking up, your fingers pointing to the sky. “You’re pointing to a star?” I asked. “No, that’s a planet. Stars shine, planets don’t,” you replied.

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Sesekali, aku berharap kita bertemu lebih awal. Mungkin baiknya begitu. Kau lebih dulu bertemu denganku sebelum dengan dia. Lalu kau tersenyum. Meninju bahuku. “Kau sinting,” katamu. Memang demikian adanya. Aku sinting. Kau tahu pasti soal itu. Jika kita waras, kita tidak bisa mencandu. Ketulusan ada pada hati yang gila. Kau diam. Membuang pandanganmu. Lalu pergi. “Dua puluh menit lagi dia…

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Today, She Listens To Her Favorite Song

They say, when you fall in love, you listen to the music. But when you’re broken and in despair, you understand the lyric. Today, she feels his presence. She listens to the music and tastes the lyric. She remembers his warm lips, and his voice, and his arms enveloped her body. Today, she listens to her favorite song for her mind filled with…

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I Am Dating Your Mind

I’m dating your mind, for it is the only place I can see the beauty of a man and the true color of life.   P.S: Originally handwritten on August 12th, 2014 at MMC Hospital Jakarta, Room 503.

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Write Again

Having no idea will never stop a writer to write. Because, having no idea is actually an idea to write. And that no pain will ever stop a writer to write. Because the writing itself heals the pain.

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